lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

México, México

El DF... what comes to mind when you hear its name? Smog? Over population? Quesadillas that don't necessarily have queso? Protests? Rubbish? Congestion? All of those answers would be valid. Mexico City is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world, but unlike Tokyo or New York (I imagine, never having been to either), the capital lacks a sleek, streamlined feel. Like in most large cities, people always seem to be in a rush, often not even looking when they cross the road in the city centre, just wandering across.

However, at night Mexico City takes on a different vibe in the build up to Christmas.  The streets become packed with those more interested in dilly-dallying as they take the kids to see the Christmas displays and events in the zócalo, the central plaza. Fake snow falls in this main andador, pictured above, floating out of the buildings above. The crowd slows to a standstill, taking photos of themselves in the "winter wonderland" that surrounds them. Although it is winter, the snowy ideal of Christmas has to be manufactured here. People can't just feel snow fall; fake snow is spewed from buildings onto the footpath. Snowmen can't just be built here; a snowmen building area is put up with man-made snow and moulds provided.  Kids can't just go sledding here; an iced slide is constructed.  Mexico, so keen to live up to the Christmas expectations of kids and adults alike out does itself in trying to appease them. Consumerism, extravagance and exuberance; Mexico at it again.

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