domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013


I actually took this picture a bit over a year ago, just before I left for Mexico.  I'd just gotten a new camera, by far the fanciest camera I'd ever had, and took this one while fiddling with the functions.  At the time I was staying at my aunty's for a couple of weeks after my lease ended and I'd moved out of a share house with friends, all the while waiting (and organising myself) to leave for Mexico.  The year in Mexico came and went, an amazing year in so many ways.  But now I'm back I find myself in the same boat, but reversed.  Now I'm waiting for friends to move in with.

The messiness of the transitions really seems to emphasise the end of an era; to rub it in, and not just skin deep.  But maybe, just maybe, as I was looking down the lens from the balcony, I wasn't seeing the end; but what came next, what was lying in wait for me in Mexico.  And maybe I just need to look a little further to see what is waiting for me here.

But seriously, don't go into share housing if you're planning on moving a lot.  If you have a choice, that is.

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  1. I totally agree with you. It´s kind of hard changing again and again the place where u live, but you can be really rich in experiences as far as you take advantage of it! I liked your blog, come visit mine whenever you want! =)

  2. We shifted to a new city last year and it wasn't so easy. I had to give up my pretty room in the old house to some nasty kids. That was the hardest part. :l
    I'm liking the new place too though. Its fun. :)

    Anyway, new on your blog. Hope you can find some time to visit mine. Maybe we could follow each other? :)