sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013

El Esqueleto De Bob Marley Está En La Calle

I never exactly understood why I like this photo... It probably has to do with the tackiness of the Bob Marley hat, casually thrown on the dummy, like it was really hip...  the elaborately decorated skull in true Mexican fashion... But mostly with how out of place it seems in the quaint beauty of this street in Guanajuato.  Maybe its out of place-ness speaks to me, because I've always felt that way myself; a stranger in a familiar place.  Maybe because it hints at standing out, but remaining in hidden; unknown and disguised, bringing the magic of a masquerade ball to the street.  Maybe it is because it shows the ever present and radical contrasts in Mexican society - from the cholos to the fresas; two extremes together as one.  But who knows, maybe after all it is just a funny hat?

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